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Regardless of the industry or discipline in which your expertise as a speaker falls, people who speak professionally have many things in common. Many are entrepreneurs or small business owners. Challenges related to marketing products and services, keeping up with technological advances and anticipating trends are common to everyone.

There is no such thing as a “speaking circuit,” so how do you reach potential clients? How do you expand your skill set to increase your value to clients once you have them? With long hours, travel and an ever-changing cast of clients, speaking can be a lonely profession. What is the best way to expand your network of colleagues and connect to people who do what you do?

The National Speakers Association brings speakers together to address these issues. NSA is a community of thousands of speaking professionals all over the world — a community where the pursuit of knowledge and the sharing of ideas is a way of life.

The Las Vegas Chapter of the National Speakers Association meets on the third Saturday of the month from 9AM-noon.  For more information on NSA-LV and our monthly meetings, sign up for our mailing list.

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Events & News

Debbie Allen

.Debbie Allen headshot

October 10,  2015


7850 DEAN MARTIN DRIVE, SUITE #503 Las Vegas, NV 89139
8:30 AM Registration & Networking
9:00 AM to 12:30 PM

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Become a Highly Paid Expert Who Speaks

Professionally With Multiple Streams of Income

Discover how to accelerate your brand awareness to quickly become recognized as an ‘expert who speaks professionally’. This content-rich program will show you the exact step-by-step process to becoming the go-to authority and how to dominate your niche industry online quickly.

Uncover the strategies to becoming a highly paid speaker with multiple streams of income. Expand your value, dramatically increase your income, develop highend coaching programs and host your own big money events.

Learn How To:
◦ Grow/expand your speaking business using the expert marketing model.
◦ Get paid top dollar sharing your advise and experiences with others.
◦ Create multiple streams of income around your speaking business.
◦ Develop high-end coaching programs and host your own lucrative events.

Debbie Allen was one of the most giving and information-packed speakers we have ever brought into our chapter. She showed us exactly how to make big money in this business, holding nothing back. She blew us away with her generosity and wisdom!”
- Terry Hawkins, GLAC/NSA Chapter

Speaker Bio: Debbie Allen, CSP, ‘The Expert of Experts’ has built and sold 6 million dollar companies, is an award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author of 7 books including her newest book The Highly Paid Expert. Her expertise has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, USA Today, Forbes along with four motivational movies. Debbie has presented before thousands of people in 28 countries around the globe. She has been a member of NSA for over 20 years and has achieved the honor of CSP, Certified Speaking Professional.
Learn more about Debbie’s extensive expertise at www.DebbieAllen.com.


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Mailing Address:

National Speakers Association
NSA Las Vegas
7437 S. Eastern Ave #189
Las Vegas, NV. 89123

Email Contacts:

General Info: Sophia Falke, President



Welcome to NSA of Las Vegas!

NSA Las Vegas is an organization of professional speakers from many different backgrounds and many different areas of expertise, speaking to countless organizations, all with one unifying goal:  To support and encourage each other for greater impact and profits in our speaking careers.

Within our organization, you will find an enthusiastic, passionate partnership of speakers dedicated to excellence.  In keeping with the spirit of NSA’s creator, Cavett Robert, we earnestly endeavor to…

  • Practice abundance rather than scarcity thinking.
  • Share our trade secrets, trusting that when we help others we help ourselves.  
  • “Pay it forward,” meaning that in assisting others we expect nothing in return except that they help someone else.  

Our members range from world class CPAE Hall of Fame members to CSP’s, and from hard working professionals with decades of success to those just beginning to speak for a living.

Does this sound like you?  If so, take the next step and join us as a member.

Become a NSA Las Vegas Member Now

Still not sure if becoming a member is for you. Come as my personal guest! Join us free of charge as a 1st time guest to experience all the NSA Las Vegas has to officer.

Come as a 1st Time Guest

Whether you are a professional speaker or a beginner, we are here for you. I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting! Feel free to contact me with any questions. 702-575-8433 or rocco@roccospeaks.com

Rocco De Lorenzo


Mission Statement

The National Speakers Association of Las Vegas exists for the purpose of growing and maximizing the influence, impact and income of professional speakers in the Las Vegas area.

We accomplish this through…

  • Monthly meetings featuring literally the greatest speakers in the world. Recent past speakers include…
    • Brian Tracy, CPAE
    • Dan Burrus, CSP, CPAE
    • Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE
    • Willie Jollie, CSP, CPAE
    • Dan Thurmon, CSP, CPAE
    • Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE
    • Scott McKain, CSP, CPAE
    • Mike Rayburn, CSP, CPAE
  • Networking opportunities with other Las Vegas area speakers, speakers bureaus and meeting professionals.
  • Referral of members for bookings wherever possible.
  • Actively fostering relationships with speakers bureaus, meeting professionals and the LVCVA.
  • Fireside chats… Las Vegas is the meeting capital of the world and top name speakers visit often.  We set up impromptu “chats” or get-togethers with many of these speakers available only to NSA/LV members.
  • Lowest fees for all NSA/LV activities.
  • The NSA Academy! Each year we enroll a limited number of new speakers in the NSA Academy.  This is a 10-month, hands on, interactive course designed to teach, coach and encourage you in every area necessary for a successful speaking career.  Writing your keynote, developing your platform skills, getting bookings, shooting a video demo, building a great web site, platform sales, and other areas of expertise are taught by successful, practicing professionals.

NSA of Las Vegas is your hometown access to the largest and most active network of professional speakers in the world.  If you are serious about your speaking career and you live in or near Las Vegas, please join us.  We’d love to partner with you for mutual success!

Join NSA Las Vegas


Membership Options

Professional Membership:
(Already a Member of the National Speakers Association)
$247 + One time application fee of $50 for new members.

  • All Chapter Meetings are Included!

Affiliate Membership:
(Non-Member of the National Speakers Association)
$287 + One time application fee of $50 for new members

  • All Chapter Meetings are Included!

Non-Member Chapter Meeting Fee: $47

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Are the membership fees prorated?
No, our membership is on a rolling annual basis.

When is my membership renewal fee due?
Membership renewals are due 12 months from your last membership payment. 

If I am a chapter member, how much are chapter meetings?
All regular chapter meetings are included in your annual chapter membership fees.

Are special chapter meetings included in my chapter membership fee?
Throughout the year NSA Las Vegas will host various events such as a Christmas party and BBQ to name a few. These events will have an additional fee associated due to the additional costs.

When are chapter meetings?
Chapter meetings are generally the third Saturday of the month (September – May). However, at times to accommodate the guest speaker’s schedule, we will have to make changes to the schedule to ensure we are booking the very best for you. 

How long can I be an affiliate member?
2014/2015 will be the last year that affiliate membership will be offered or available. After this year there will only be one type of membership available – Professional Member. Professional Member means you are a member of the National Speakers Association and have met the eligibility requirements as determined by National. If you are not a national member or do not currently meet the eligibility requirements, we still WELCOME you to attend chapter meetings. You would simply register for each meeting and pay its fee.

NSA Las Vegas Speakers Academy


Shorten your learning curve as you accelerate your professional speaking career!


The NSA Las Vegas Chapter is proud to announce the fifth year of its highly acclaimed Speakers Academy. NSA is the premier organization for the world’s most successful professional speakers, authors, subject-matter-experts and coaches. Whatever your unique message is, the 9-month NSA Las Vegas Speakers Academy will significantly shorten your learning curve and turbo-charge your career by helping you:

  • Chart your own course for speaking success based on your unique goals and aspirations as a part time or full time speaker
  • Develop the four core competencies of the professional speaker
  • Gain powerful and practical insights, on a monthly basis, from professional speakers who are practicing what you are learning
  • Learn how to adapt your speaking skills to the strong currents of change dominating the speaking, training and coaching environment
  • Build lasting relationships with your expert Academy Instructors, NSA Las Vegas chapter members, and other Academy attendees
  • Accelerate you path to professional membership in the National Speakers Association

Take this opportunity to accelerate your speaking career by immersing yourself in our dynamic-results-focused program designed for speakers, by speakers. You will learn from a faculty of respected industry experts, the NSA Las Vegas Board of Directors, Certified Speaking Professionals (CSP), and former graduates. NSA is built upon the core principle of sharing insights and expertise. Each speaking professional will teach you what they are successfully practicing on and off the platform.

Join the many Academy graduates who qualified for formal NSA membership upon completion of their learning and building experience. In addition to 12 comprehensive sessions over a 9 month period, you will receive the following benefits courtesy of NSA Las Vegas:

  • Customized Professional One Sheet: Value $350
  • Demo Video displaying your talents: Value $300
  • Membership/Affiliate Dues for Las Vegas Chapter for 2015-2016: Value $337

To ensure that each participate receives maximum individual coaching, guidance and feedback, enrollment will be capped at 12 students. Submit your application TODAY to take advantage of the early tuition discount.

Kim D. Snyder, Speakers Academy Dean

Contact Info: 858-254-9294 or Kim@KimDSnyder.com


We cover all the bases. Topics include –but not limited to:

  • Orientation, Introduction to NSA and the Speaking Profession
  • Professional Awareness, Trends, Critical Marketing Components
  • Topic and Content Development, Honing Your Message
  • Sales and Comprehensive Marketing
  • Building Professional Relationships
  • Platform Mechanics, Enhancing Your Delivery
  • Presenting, Performance and Your Unique Persona
  • Incorporating Humor, Props & Getting More Laughs
  • Managing Social Media, Brand Awareness
  • Authorship and Product Development, Developing Multiple Income Streams
  • Managing Your Business, Day-to-Day Resources, Recommendations
  • Putting It All Together, Launching or Revamping your Career
  • Academy Showcase, Demonstrate Your Abilities


Logistics: Each Academy session will run from 9-am to noon, Saturday mornings, beginning in October 2015. The program concludes with the graduation & showcase in early June 2016.

Scheduled dates are: (subject to change)

2015: October 3, October 17, November 7, November 21, December 12
2016: January 23, February 6, February 20, March 5, March 19, April 2, May 7, June 11 ( Graduation & Showcase)


2015-2016 Speakers Academy Tuition
(including all the benefits mentioned above)

OPTION A: $1,197 - Payment in FULL

ON or BEFORE October 1, 2015, register here

OPTION B: $1,497 -3 Payments of $499 each
-1st Payment ON or BEFORE September 18, 2015, register here
-2nd Payment ON or BEFORE January 16, 2016
-3rd Payment ON or BEFORE May 13, 2016

For more information related to the Speakers Academy, please direct all inquiries to Academy Dean, Kim Snyder at Kim@KimDSnyder.com.