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NSA Las Vegas Chapter

Our NSA Las Vegas WHY: ELEVATE Professional Speakers!
The "Aspiring/Emerging Speaker" to "Accomplished Speaker" and the "Accomplished/Professional Speaker" to "Great Speaker/CSP"!

Level 1

Aspiring / Emerging Speaker

Level 2

Accomplished / Professional Speaker

Level 3

Great / CSP Speaker

Level 4

Icon/Beyond CSP
Has unique Intellectual Property and is an Subject-Matter-Expert in need of the business and stage craft expertise to build their professional services practice and start generating income.
Have earned at least $25K and conducted a minimum of 20 paid speaking engagements in previous 12 months.
Have earned more than $50K annually for 5 consecutive years, documented a minimum of 250 paid speaking engagements & more.
Have earned more than $250K annually for 5 consecutive years, documented paid speaking engagements & more. A master professional level, leveraging to the next level of excellence.

The NSA Las Vegas Chapter is the go to place if you are a (CCAST) Coach, Consultant, Author, Speaker, Trainer to learn, grow and perfect your craft and business.

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Since 1973, NSA has provided the most comprehensive resources and education designed to advance the skills, integrity and value of its members and the speaking profession. Your comments and/or questions regarding the Las Vegas Chapter of the National Speakers Association are welcome.

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NSA Las Vegas is an organization of professional speakers from many different backgrounds and areas of expertise, speaking to countless organizations with one unifying goal: To support and encourage each other for greater impact and profits in our speaking careers.

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NSA is the premier organization for the world’s most successful professional speakers, authors, subject-matter-experts and coaches. The 9-month NSA Las Vegas Speakers Academy will significantly shorten your learning curve and turbo-charge your career.

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