About NSA-LV

Professional speakers are thought leaders who change lives.

NSA Las Vegas is the home to some of the most inspiring, insightful, creative and successful professional speakers in the world. We are a professional organization dedicated to enhancing and growing the business of professional speaking. As part of a global network of professionals, we focus on what we call the 4Es of professional speaking, Expertise, Eloquence, Enterprise and Ethics.

Our regular member events feature the best speakers presenting today and provide an opportunity to continually grow your business and improve your performance to benefit your audiences. In addition it provides an unequalled ability to spend time with peers who understand and excel in this very specialized business.

We invite you to join us in person and on our social media platforms.

Our NSA Las Vegas Why: Elevate Professional Speakers

The “Aspiring/Emerging Speaker” to “Accomplished Speaker” and the “Accomplished/Professional Speaker” to “Great Speaker/CSP”!

Level 1: Aspiring/Emerging Speaker

Has unique Intellectual Property and is an Subject-Matter-Expert in need of the business and stage craft expertise to build their professional services practice and start generating income (https://www.nsaspeaker.org/academy-membership/)

Level 2: Accomplished/Professional Speaker

Have earned at least $25K and conducted a minimum of 20-paid speaking engagements in previous 12-months (https://www.nsaspeaker.org/professional-membership/)

Level 3: Great/CSP Speaker

Have earned more than $50K annually for 5-consecutive years, documented a minimum of 250-paid speaking engagements & more, see application process at https://www.nsaspeaker.org/certification/

The NSA-Las Vegas Chapter is the go to place if you are a (CCAST) Coach, Consultant, Author, Speaker, Trainer to learn, grow and perfect your craft and business.

Our NSA Initiatives

  1. Build-out Chapter Website: To serve 3-levels of Speakers (1) Aspiring/Emerging (2) Accomplished/Professional (3) Star [CSP-Level]
  2. PassCode Member Section Deliverables: To serve 3-levels of Speaker’s (1) Aspiring/Emerging (2) Accomplished/Professional (3) Star [CSP-Level] to have SME content, Podcasts, Vlogs, Blogs, eResources, etc. to accelerate your business growth
  3. Chapter Monthly Meetings: To serve 3-levels of Speaker’s (1) Aspiring/Emerging (2) Accomplished/Professional (3) Star [CSP-Level] – With primary focus of STAR level performance; Each meeting has a FastTrack Business Development morning session and intensive Guest SME Speaker, followed by networking luncheon, and MasterMind intensives; Some Guest Speakers will present a Bonus afternoon DEEP DIVE application session.
    1. Speaker Monthly Line Up
  4. Master-Mind Group Accelerator: To serve 3-levels of Speaker’s (1) Aspiring/Emerging (2) Accomplished/Professional (3) Star [CSP-Level]; Every Chapter Meeting application opportunity, at each monthly business meeting and opt-in additional sessions
  5. SME Webinar/Podcast Series: To serve 3-levels of Speaker’s (1) Aspiring/Emerging (2) Accomplished/Professional (3) Star [CSP-Level]
  6. Meeting Planner Playbook/Local Awareness & Outreach Campaign: To market/advertise/promote/collaborate the Chapter outbound to consumers (LVCVB, NV-SAE/LV-SAE, Casino Convention Leadership, Speaker Bureaus, Destination Management Companies, MPI, Top 50 LV Businesses, etc.), of our premier talent and deliverables
  7. Accelerating Your Potential – Anthology Series: To serve 2-levels of Speaker’s (1) Aspiring/Emerging & (2) Accomplished/Professional
  8. Chapter Speaker Academy: To serve the (1) Aspiring/Emerging speaker talent; Re-Engineered for excellence, unlike any experience NSA nor NSA-LV has ever offered; Special deep dive developmental content from Darren LaCroix, Dr. Jeffrey Magee, Ed Tate, Tracey Hughes and Al Jensen
  9. Outreach Recruitment Campaigns: To recruit and retain 3-levels of Speaker’s (1) Aspiring/Emerging (2) Accomplished/Professional (3) Star [CSP-Level] from the Nevada and Las Vegas communities, collaborative connections with ToastMasters, area Universities/Colleges, Business Chambers/Groups, etc.

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