Membership (Why Join NSA Las Vegas)

NSA Las Vegas is diverse, dynamic and dedicated to “Supporting and encouraging each other for greater impact and profits in our speaking careers.”

NSA Las Vegas will help you grow the speaking part of your business in the direction you desire. NSA-LV offers professional relationships, strategies, techniques, and tools to master the business side of speaking.

If you’re interested in creating or building a professional speaking business, and networking with people dedicated to the profession of speaking, check out the NSA Las Vegas Chapter.


  • Monthly events at no additional charge
  • Promotion of your events though NSA Las Vegas Social Media
  • Exposure to additional potential clients through our online Member eSpeaker’s Directory (Professional Members)
  • Network with other professional speakers of all types and levels
  • Access to Event Videos
  • Members-only opportunities at special events
  • Network with leaders and experienced professionals from across the country
  • Professional and Leadership growth opportunities within the chapter and executive board
  • Inspire and be inspired as you grow your business and refine your skills
Become an NSA Las Vegas Member Now


Professional Membership:
(Already a Member of the National Speakers Association)
$297 annual membership dues
All Chapter regular Events are Included!

Professional Candidate Membership:
(Not yet a member of the National Speakers Association)
$397 annual membership dues
All Chapter regular events are Included!

Non-Member (Guest) Chapter Meeting
1st Time guests are free
Fee of $47 for each meeting (additional membership benefits listed above are NOT included)

All fees are prorated on calendar year July 1st through June 30th.  Please contact the Membership Chairperson at for more information regarding joining and total membership fees.


Are the membership fees prorated?
Yes, our membership based on calendar year July 1st through June 30th

When is my membership renewal fee due?
Membership renewals are due on July 1st 

If I am a chapter member, how much are chapter meetings?
All regular chapter meetings are included in your membership fees.

Are special chapter meetings included in my chapter membership fee?
Throughout the year NSA Las Vegas will host various events such as a holiday party and BBQ to name a few. These events will have an additional fee associated due to the additional costs.

When are chapter meetings?
Chapter meetings are generally the second Saturday of the month (September – May). However, at times to accommodate the guest speaker’s schedule, we will have to make changes to the schedule to ensure we are booking the very best for you. Visit Event Schedule

How do I become a Professional Candidate member?
By joining the NSA Las Vegas Chapter where you will have two years to become a Professional member. Professional Member means you are a member of the National Speakers Association and have met the eligibility requirements as determined by National. If you are not a national member or do not currently meet the eligibility requirements, we still welcome you to attend chapter meetings. You would simply register for each meeting and pay its fee.